Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oops... Has it REALLY been over 2 months since my last confession errrr post?!?!?!?!?! LOL!

Well.... It's been a busy summer. Bear actually took some time off here and there so I have been spending some wonderful quality time with the love of my life. We have gone on a mini vacation to the lake. Which was nice! I had to be prepped for a week at the lake though!!! I went and got AT&T internet service LOL! There was NO WAY I would survive a full week with out internet rofl! Now what does that say about my life. The connection wasn't the best (Facebook was completely out and the withdrawals were tough) but I was able to chat with a buddy and check my emails and such, so I was good lol.

Let's see... what else has been going on... Oh! got a new laptop at the end of July. Made another cake, well actually made two more cakes but there is NO WAY I will put one of them on here... let's just say it was for (Bear hates when I say this lol) Bear's stepdaddy and was a risque one. LOL! If you MUST see it, drop me an email and I will send you a picture. Let's just say that all that saw it commented on how realistic it was and that they could tell the "model" must have been cold. LOL!

The other cake was for my mom's 65th birthday. It has been discussed alot this year about her being born in the year of the Monkey on the Chinese calender. So when I got the new Wilton's yearbook and saw the monkey cake, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for her. So my sister and I ended up with this cake. We had a blast doing it and it was a great hit.

I actually looked and saw that these 3 cakes weren't on there from before. The floral cake was my final "final" cake. I used a buttercream fondant on it and I really liked the way it looked. The only problem I had with it was that it was really greasy. I really enjoyed taking the classes!

The first bear cake on the green base was for a lady that saw my final "final" cake that last night at class. She had the cakes made but not decorated and asked me if I would be willing to decorate it. It was my first time to decorate a bear cake. It was so adorable that I had to make an attempt to do it on my own (the third one). I made the cake from a recipe on a pan I had and it was double chocolate pound cake. The frosting is chocolate buttercream. It was WAY to much chocolate for me (yes, a woman said it was too much chocolate!). Technically this was a triple chocolate bear. It was so funny, because no one wanted to make the first cut! Finally Bear sliced off an ear. Then Jon took a foot. I went out the next day or so and came back to a decapitated bear!!! I was like "OMG! Who cut off his head????" LOL!

Okay, enough cake talk lol.....

I am sitting in a hotel room right now in Dallas, well Arlington, Texas actually, with BAD heart burn! I have decided that me and mexican food need an added ingredient in the form of some sort of acid controller from now on. When you wake up at 4 am with heartburn, it's just wrong! 'Specially now in a hotel room that your sharing with the hubs who is sleeping the sleep of the innocent (yeah right lol) and you don't want to wake up. Oh the decision I had to make. Do I grab my book and mini book light and go sit on the floor in the bathroom so that he isn't disturbed by the light? Do I turn on the laptop and actually be productive and update the blog finally? When I turn the laptop on, do I turn it away from the bed because it seems AWFULLY bright so early in the morning? LOL! As you can tell the laptop won. But as I was responding to an email, all I could hear was the nails hitting the keys and I just KNEW that would be irritating enough to wake the Bear! So I played on Facebook for an hour and a half till he started waking up! The sacrafices I have to make for the love of my life lol!

I have finished one of my quilts and made it a "summer weight" quilt. It has no batting in it. It is the 30's BOM one my secret pal sent me last year. I don't have a finished picture on the computer yet but may take one today for the next installment of my boring life! I will be heading to Austin with Bear for atleast one week possibly two so I will have time to post some more lol. We are in Dallas until Friday, then home a week then off to Austin. He keeps going back and forth on wether I will go with him BACK to Austin the second week. He swears he can't work when I'm with him and the 2nd week is a major work week for him so it's up in the air lol. One day I'm going, the next I'm staying home....

I also finished another dress. This was is just too sweet. And am almost done with the next one so The next time I blog I will HOPEFULLY have it done to show off.

Okay. Enough for now. I may or may not blog again later today or tomorrow but it may not be till week after next lol. I know... nothing new with the way I have been blogging but still thought I would say that lol. Until next time........