Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The time between the last post and today....

Well, I did say I wouldn't post daily lol. This just proves that my life is as boring as I said. The time being spent between the last post and today hasn't been real productive lol.

October 12th was my grandson's 2nd birthday and so we went to that and thoroughly enjoyed seeing him have a blast. He is getting so big! We will miss him when we are gone!
He LOVED his little couch we got him. We are told he constantly sits on it!
I have gotten a few siggies in the mail but not that many. They are all cherished no matter what though.

I did spend 30 minutes on the sewing machine (much to my friend Molly's happiness and disappointment that it was ONLY 30 minutes lol) making some tater bags. My mother in law requested an extra bag as she uses the one I gave her a year or two ago constantly. She goes to the lake on the weekend and so she has to remember to bring the bag back and forth from home to the lake. So I made 3 bags since they are so easy! I sent one to a good friend of mine in California by the name of Cyn F. She is the one that sent me the "gone quilting" thing at the beginning of my blogging.

I also made some siggies for a special brother of a special person on one of the lists I am on. I even had Bear actually sign one for him. That is not normal... he does NOT do things like that lol.
I don't see me getting back to sewing until after the 1st of the year if all goes right. I will be leaving for a trip to Houston on the 31st and will not be back until the 10th and hopefully will be packing the house up as of the 11th to be heading back to Houston as of the end of November. So, sewing does NOT seem feasible till after the 1st of the year!

I am knitting though.... I have not done much to my Lover's Knot afghan. Just a few more rows.

I have started a palindrome cable scarf that is the same on either side. There isn't a front or back side. This is to go with the hat that I already did. It is in the same Plum color as it. The only thing left to do for the set when this is done is the "smoking" gloves. I was asked to make a black pair for a friend of hers so I will probably do both of them at the same time. These will be fantastic projects for the trip!

I am making what I affectionately call the "double moose" hat for April. My buddy Cyn got me involved with this.... this is the first time I have ever worked with unspun thread. This is an experience! Ignore the pink around the edges as that is just my "invisible" cast on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know... not very invisible, but it won't be there when I'm done! LOL!

The other project I am working on right now is a set of Mary Jane slippers. Another first for me. Right now... I am not crazy about them but we will see..... If I end up liking them I will make another set or two for my sister. But as I said... we will see lol.

Just thought I would throw in a picture of my "boys" for the ending.... until next time.........

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a productive weekend....

Well, my weekend was very productive! I made 4 fun fur scarves, finished the pink and black scarf, made my October birthday siggies and have them waiting to go into the mail tomorrow, and prepped some regular siggie blocks as well as got 3 done to mail out as well as a return for siggies I received. I even bought more yarn (like I need it lol) for the socks I plan to get started on lol.

I also received 3 siggies on Saturday as well. Jackie Vogel, Lori Marchbanks and Ulla Karlson.

These are the fun fur scarves. I have a funny (now it's funny but it wasn't at the time) story about the red and green ones... you see, normally you would use 2 skeins at once, which was fine for the blue one. Then, the chocolate one had more yardage in the skeins so it was longer. Well, the red and green was almost double the size of the blue one. So I had started to re"skein" them when about half way through I realized this fact! Well.... I decided to "undo" the combining. Bad idea! This is what happens when you try that.... LOL!

It took me ALL DAY Saturday to untangle the tangles! Will NOT do that again!!! LOL!

Here is the pink and black scarf that is FINALLY done! The black section done in the seed stitch was soooooo boring lol! Now to get started on a few more scarves. The oldest stepdaughter has requested some scarves as well now. So I have more to make. LOL!

We even started up the bikes! Alas, that is ALL we did. We did not get on them to ride but that is okay! Soon!!!

Well, that is the update for my weekend. Hope you had a great one!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another boring installment of my life lol....

Well, it's been a few days so I thought I would put another "installment" out for the world to go to sleep with....

Bear is back in town so I have not really been doing much. I am working on the scarf and have finally gotten to the other side and am doing the 2nd color now so it won't be much longer before it will be done. Then I can start on a new project lol!

I did get some new siggies this week. 1 is my very first Christmas siggie from Laura Lamb! She also sent me a one on one as well.

The other 2 siggies were also one on one siggies from the international swap I belong to. The are from Kerstin Holma and Laura Bruttini.

All I can say is those oversea ladies really are talented! They put soooo much attention to detail in their siggies that I really hate to send mine out that are just stamped and signed. I feel like mine are so plain compared to theirs! LOL! If you want to see bigger photos of them go to my photobucket site and they will be there.

I thought I would post a few pictures of my darling grandson Dillon who will be 2 this month! Sheesh, where has the time gone! That is his Aunt April with him. The recipient of the many scarves I have been making!

Here are some random shots! Just a few of my bears. Notice the big one in the bottom left. I got him when I got my V-Star motorcycle, which is in the next picture. I almost have a boy scout mentality! I am always prepared! This was for the "God Bless America" Ride for the VA Hospital here in Martinsburg. We get there and have a few hours before it starts so I am always ready with a book and an umbrella so that I do overheat or get sunburned more than necessary lol! The other picture is proof that I corrupted my sister when she came for a visit! This was her fist experience with slot machines and she had a blast!

This is of my family at Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania. They figured this would be the only time they would get to go there and to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA since I would be moving back to Texas and there would be no reason for another trip back up here after that lol! That is my mom, sister and grandmother. It was a great trip!
Thank you for stopping by. I will post again eventually. Have a great day until then!