Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to my boring life!

Well.... I have gone and done it.... I have joined the blogging life. Why? I guess I am bored lol! I really can't see how anyone would find what I have to say or do interesting! But I guess I can just ramble on and if you find it interesting, YEA! If not, then I was right and I am boring lol!

Bear with me if this is extremely boring and not very imaginative as this is a new thing for me.

I will plan to update it as often as I can and it will be about whatever is going on at the time. It could be about my sewing, knitting, my move back to Texas (eventually, lol), my wonderful grandson, my family, my animals, my day on the motorcycle.... what ever strikes my fancy at that time. As I said in the title... welcome to my boring life!

Please enjoy.....

1 comment:

Rosa Robichaud said...

FIRST to comment!!!

Congrats on joining the "blog" world!


Can't WAIT to read about your boring life - just to see if it's as boring as mine! LOL