Thursday, June 25, 2009

So I missed two days... better than 7 months lol......

Well, I did spend the day working on flowers (sorta, it was more like the afternoon lol) with my sister. I am going to be working on more flowers today in preparation for my final "final" cake. LOL! This is the last class to take at this time. Course 4 - Fondant and Gum Paste. *Sigh* What am I going to do without a cake class every week. I was suppose to "graduate" on Monday but as I will be out of town (going to Dallas with Bear), so I am going to "graduate" early lol!

I guess I should post some of the pictures of these said cakes that I have done so that everyone can see that I have done SOMETHING for the last 7 months lol!!!

This was my very first cake I made. It is a plain jane cake with orange flavored buttercream (home made) icing. I call it my "dreamsicle" cake. The icing was a big hit!

The second cake was made with raspberry icing. I'm real big on not being normal! LOL! Can ya tell???? I plan to make a chocolate cake with cherry flavored icing in the future for Bear. I'm thinking it will be like a cherry cordial, which I can't stand lol! So would be just for the Bear! And maybe the boys! LOL!

The third one was done for the Bear. It was a german chocolate cake with coconut flavored buttercream icing! Bear's fav! LOL! I was pretty much making a cake a week at the beginning and testing out different flavors! Can you say cake overload???

These two cakes were made for my sisters birthday. She requested Italian Cream Cake. There is history with that cake lol. This was a favorite of mine for a long time and every time I would go to make it I would have to contact my grandmother for the recipe. I mean it could be only 6 months since I had made it and would have to call her AGAIN for it! This went on for years and BEFORE the internet so it was an actual long distance phone call (before Vonage and all as well) or wait for it to arrive in the mail!!!! She was even gonna give me her original but I pointed out to her that I keep losing the one I get so why would she think I wouldn't lose the original????
Anyway, Shannon decided this was what she wanted as her birthday cake even though it was a hard one to decorate. I couldn't use butter cream ya know! It has a cream cheese icing that you use. That's the rule ya know!!! LOL! So I had to do a "crumb" coat in the butter cream and "decorate" in buttercream. I used coconut flavored buttercream since the cake has coconut in it. It was a hit. The small one was her "take home" portion. The picture on the right was the way it looked when I last saw it at the party. The picture on the left is the way it looked after Noble (her service dog) did his taste test lol!!!! I'm not sure it he liked it or not since it was only one swipe of his tounge and not a chunk out of it lol! Although he did take the best and my favorite rose with that swipe so maybe he has good taste!!!

My next class cake was my Course 2 final "test" lol! Shannon and I had decided after 4 straight weeks of cakes we would not make one until the final. So that gave us 3 weeks of no cakes! YEAH!!!! We just had enough time to get our sugar high down to a managable level lol!
This was the "basket" cake. I think it was french vanila cake with raspberry icing. I've sorta started blocking out some of that kinda thing. We also learned royal icing (which is buttercream that hardens lol) and color flow. The blue birds are the color flow. I did the handles out of the royal icing because a basket isn't a basket if you can t carry it, right??? LOL! Not that these handles are any good lol!

I like this so much that I made a brown one for my mother in law's birthday just two weeks ago. I did not do the color flow on hers but it was a HUGE hit out at the lake. This is the "pup" tent we had to exist in lol. It was a chore having to wait for the air conditioner to finally cool it all off!!!! LOL! I was roughing it ya know!!!! I did not have internet access and a 13" T.V.!!!! LOL!!!!

This was my next cake and my first fondant cake! It make is so smoooooooth but I don't care for the fondant taste. I explained it to my son that it's eatable playdough lol!

I will be attempting marshmellow fondant (from scratch) for tomorrows cake.

This was my Course 3 final cake. It is my first tiered cake. I really liked doing it this ONE time but I don't see me doing alot of tiered cakes lol! I did try a new technique from a book I of my sisters. The royal icing bows. They are really fragile though! LOL! But we should always try new things ya know! LOL!
The last cake I have done was for my "adoptive" son, Louis. He and Jon play their guitars alot so I had to get this pan and make him an electric one. It was a hit with them both. Jon has put in his order for his birthday in October. He wants a spice cake with vanilla icing. lol! Gotta love the boy!

Okay, I have spent a few hours on this that I should be spending on flowers for tomorrows cake lol! So this is it for today! I will be working on another insert in a few days with my final final cake! Until then......,


Annette Blair said...

Before I was a writer, I was a stay at home mom and back then I used to bake and decorate wedding cakes at home, so I know what I'm talking about. You deserved to graduate with honors. What a wonderful job you did. Congratulations. Especially like the basket weave cake. Kudos.

Cyn ;-) said...

Your cakes are beautiful, Steffini! You are an artist in all you do... cakes, quilting, knitting. . . You have lots of talent.
Super pictures; glad you posted them and welcome back to blog-land.. we all missed you!

Quiliting in Mequon said...

Hi Steffini... You did a great job on all the cakes you made... I would never do such a great job as you.... but, I do not have to learn because my sister is the cake decorator... Lucky me I live with her.... You are quite talented... :)