Monday, June 22, 2009

The rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated...... I just have a life now.....

Well....... The good news is I did NOT fall off the face of the earth! The bad news is now that I am back in Houston.... I have a life! My family keeps me pretty busy now with the different things now. Between sewing classes at the community center, cake decorating classes, the pool, sewing, family and just life in general, I just find it hard to sit down at the computer for long periods to do the blog.

A lot has happened since my last post. We've moved half way across the country and that is not an exageration lol! We moved from the top of West Virginia to the semi middle edge of Texas. It's about 1400 miles, so I can honestly say it was half way across lol!

I have been spending time with my family more and more. We do a sewing class each Wednesday morning. My mom is the main instructor and has decided that I am the co-instructor now. So when her house flooded again, I was running the class so that she could take care of that stuff.

My sister and I started cake decorating classes. This was something I always wanted to try my hand at so I was thrilled to be able to do it. And it has been really nice to do it with my sister.

On an extremely sad note, we lost a loving and wonderful member of our family. My sweet cocker spaniel that was my baby boy, Bandit on May 4th. He was just over 11 years old. Even now, a month and a half later, as I type this I start to cry. It has been really hard on me and I find myself still looking for him from time to time. I know everyone says that eventually it will get better, and it has in a way, but it's still really hard to believe he is gone. Momma loves and misses you greatly baby boy!

Sorry for the trip down that road but I really do miss him and was an event that really did make a mark in my life.

I will try really hard to start updating this more and more... show off pictures of the cakes I've made, some of the sewing things I've been working on, etc. If I do this right, I will be updating either daily for the next week or so... or weekly. Tomorrow I will be making flowers for my final cake that I will do on Friday, so I may or may not post tomorrow lol... See ... I have a life and things to do!!!!!

Until the next time I post (I swear it won't be another 7 months!!!!).....


Rosa Robichaud said...


So glad you're back into the "blogging" world and that we'll (hopefully) soon, see some cake pics!

Steffini... I am truly sorry about your dog... I really can't think of any smart or soothing words, to help you... but I'm sure you know that I'm with you (in spirit), on this. *s*


Annelies said...

Welcome back in blogland !
I am very sorry to hear about your dog.

Cyn ;-) said...

Steffini, I am so very sorry about Bandit. Wish I had words to give that would comfort you. You loved him loads and had 11 wonderful years together. I hope sometime soon the memories of Bandit can bring you warmth instead of pain.
Love and hugs to you, dear friend.