Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oops! Has it really been over a month since I posted.... Bad, bad me! I was doing so good there for a while. Lol! 

I will try to do better! I just got a bit busy there for a while. I have a few things to post, clothes I have made for some babies from the store, the tutorial on the ribbon crosses, the update on the Harry Potter quilt and I am sure there are other things that are not coming to mind right now. It is almost 1 AM and I have to earn a living tomorrow, so that means I won't be going into any thing right now.

I am trying to figure out the best way to post (possibly, in a perfect world lol) at least 3 times a week. So if everyone can bear with me, I will kick it back into gear and start posting more. 

I can give an update to the "salad in a jar". OMG! It works wonders! The second batch I did had the carrot match sticks and the celery already in the jar with the lettuce. I can't remember if I posted about the first batch and the last jar I had. I didn't open it till almost 3 weeks after I sealed it and it was just as good as the day I did it! I really need to make some more, only problem is I am either busy or sleeping on Sundays! It's my one day to catch up on sleep lol. I usually stay up all night on Saturday sewing and end up crashing Sunday! 

Speaking of passing out.... I am starting to get a bit heavy eyed... so instead of nodding off on here, I am going to close for now. Sorry for the short post but I will do better!

'Til my next post..... Have a good one.....

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