Sunday, March 25, 2012

And another week has passed... Well, the "salad in a jar" is a success! I even still have 2 jars left! I will have to figure out the "portion" part of it to make it easier for me. The quart size jar makes just over 2 salads for me. I was shocked when I opened the first one at lunch. 

First, let me say that those sealers do the job! I was doing every thing I could do to get that lid off! It was SEALED tighter than, well, tight! LOL! I was doing everything I could do to pop that seal with out messing up the lid so I could reuse it but it was being as stubborn as all get out. Any way... I finally got it open and started pouring it out and WOW, way to much.... still had another quarter left in the jar. Still packed down. So, I am thinking a smaller jar packed may be best. 

I opened the avocado on Monday morning to take at least one with me. I thought, hmmmm wonder what it would look like if I seal it as well. So I did lol. Along with the carrot sticks on top of it. By lunch, it was still looking good. The 3 that were left got put into another jar and sealed as well. They looked great even into the next day.

So, in conclusion.... I will be sure to continue to do these for my lunches as it will be a perfect meal. I will also make the pint jars for the "fixings" to go with them. In researching, I will use the carrot sticks as a "separater" between any thing that is wet and may cause sogginess for something else. I.E. cucumbers on the bottom, carrot sticks, avocado, possible hard boiled egg, possible some kind of meat. I will continue to post any trials and errors.

I have made some new bows and need to really sit down and make a "how to" post on the blog for the crosses I made. 

One of the bows is the cupcake bow that I tried once and was NOT happy with the coloring. But then I am great at doing "tests" and "tweaking" what I think needs to be "tweaked"! LOL!
The first one is the black/red/white one. It's cute but too busy. I also had really small dows to do the curls and I needed them bigger. I also decided that I should make it solid/print instead of all print. So that's when I decided to try the other ones. I will actually be giving one of them to one of my coworkers tomorrow for her birthday. 

I actually got the "how to" from one of the bow sites I found from Pinterest and thought these would be cute! This is a wonderful site that has all different "how tos" for bows on it. The site is called Girly Things Bows. I actually made the Calla Lily from that site but don't have the picture on the netbook yet, only on my phone lol. I know... how typical of me!

The other bow is the Cross I did. One of my coworkers asked if I could make a cross for Easter for her. So I decided I needed to see if I could put my "creative mind" to work and come up with a cross. It was easier than I thought lol! I only had two "prototypes". The first cross I did wasn't a winner but did help me with the "final" product!

As you can tell, I don't seem to be able to make just one! LOL. When I find a bow I like to make I have a tendency to make a lot ... so much easier than just one or two and then having to make more when everyone decides they want one! I actually wore the purple/silver/white one to church last Sunday and Father Bob commented on it. So this morning I whipped up 4 real quick for church. I wore one, gave one to Robyne (a coworker) and the other 2 I gave to Father Bob and his wife.

They are simple but then that's how I wanted them to be. I will TRY to make a "how to" on them in the next few days. 

I know I seem to just ramble on when I do finally sit down with these post and I am going to try my best to stop that lol. I doubt I will but I will TRY! LOL!

So to avoid this being a rambling one even more than it is.... I will stop it for now. I will try to post again tomorrow as I have a lot of things to ramble about! LOL! Until next time.....

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