Sunday, October 5, 2008

What a productive weekend....

Well, my weekend was very productive! I made 4 fun fur scarves, finished the pink and black scarf, made my October birthday siggies and have them waiting to go into the mail tomorrow, and prepped some regular siggie blocks as well as got 3 done to mail out as well as a return for siggies I received. I even bought more yarn (like I need it lol) for the socks I plan to get started on lol.

I also received 3 siggies on Saturday as well. Jackie Vogel, Lori Marchbanks and Ulla Karlson.

These are the fun fur scarves. I have a funny (now it's funny but it wasn't at the time) story about the red and green ones... you see, normally you would use 2 skeins at once, which was fine for the blue one. Then, the chocolate one had more yardage in the skeins so it was longer. Well, the red and green was almost double the size of the blue one. So I had started to re"skein" them when about half way through I realized this fact! Well.... I decided to "undo" the combining. Bad idea! This is what happens when you try that.... LOL!

It took me ALL DAY Saturday to untangle the tangles! Will NOT do that again!!! LOL!

Here is the pink and black scarf that is FINALLY done! The black section done in the seed stitch was soooooo boring lol! Now to get started on a few more scarves. The oldest stepdaughter has requested some scarves as well now. So I have more to make. LOL!

We even started up the bikes! Alas, that is ALL we did. We did not get on them to ride but that is okay! Soon!!!

Well, that is the update for my weekend. Hope you had a great one!

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Annelies said...

Hi Steffini,

I like the siggies you received.
What a beautiful black and pink scarf !
Enjoy the weekend.