Monday, November 10, 2008

My adventures to find a home in Houston.....

Well, I am not quite home yet but when I do get home it will be a whirlwind of activity for a while that I am not sure when I will be posting on the blog.

For those that are not aware of it yet, though I have no clue how you wouldn't be lol, I am finally going back home to my beloved Texas!!!
Bear and I left West Virginia on the afternoon of October 30th heading to Houston by way of family visits. First stop was at Bear's brothers in Bluefield, Virginia. We celebrated Halloween night with them. We stayed there until November 1st (Saturday) and then started the LOOOONG trip to his mom's in Leesville, Louisiana.

Got there on Sunday afternoon and had a wonderful visit overnight with her. Once we get moved down there, she will be planning to teach me to can stuff. That is a dying art.... Canning. I can not wait to learn that lost way of life!!! She is only about 3.5 hours from Houston so I will plan a weekend each month to get my "lessons".

We finally got to the end of our 1400 mile trip on Monday (the 3rd) around noon. That gave us just enough time to have our ritual Whataburger (those who read this who live in Texas do not need an explanation of a Whataburger, but those that don't ... it's the best burger ever! lol) and a quick visit with my family before we headed off to see the first house of many. We ended up seing 6 houses in 2 hours. Can you tell we knew what we were looking for lol!?!

We liked the first one (isn't that always the way) so we had to wait to get the yes or no from the owner. Two days later we find out that it was already rented so back out we went. Looked at two more and decided the 1st of those two was the one we wanted. It had a pool as well so it would be a nice one. We got lucky on that one as we were told late Thursday afternoon that we got that one! Signed the lease on Friday morning. Just in time to relax for a few hours before my nephews wedding.
This is my Grandmother. I think this is a wonderful picture of her that I took! I hope to be a beautiful as she is when I am 83!
What a wedding! It was at a bed and breakfast in the Heights (a part of Houston) that I had no idea was there. As we are waiting for the wedding to begin, we hear squealing tires and a crash. Turns out someone wanted to see how far a bike would fly lol. The person on the bicycle was okay but it gave us a wonderful flashing light behind the alter. It was a muted light so wasn't all that bad. LOL!
This is Bodie (I am not sure if that's how they spell his name though) and he is Michael and Libby's "son". As you can see he was part of the wedding since his Mommy and Daddy were tying the knot! LOL! He is such a sweetie! Don't you just love his Texas Flag bow tie???

Here is my sister and I. What a pair!

Here is the bride and groom, Libby and Michael. This is my oldest of two nephews and I am absolutely thrilled to be able to add a niece in to the mix finally! We all love Libby and she is the perfect fit for Michael. I don't think we could have asked for a better wife for him! She will keep him in line!

This is my sister, Shannon, and her family (pre-wedding). That is Christopher (my youngest nephew), Bert (Shannon's hubs), Michael and Bodie. Isn't that a great looking family?

The deal has be sealed! No backing out now! LOL!

I will be putting more pictures on my photobucket in the next few days, so be sure to look for them.

Bear ended up "enjoying" the wine just a tad much and was, errr "slightly" hung over the next morning lol. As we were planning to leave like by 8 am to head back, this put a small hold on that. LOL! It wasn't until almost 11 before he felt well enough to start packing the car up only to find that we somehow picked up a nail in the back drivers tire and had to go get it fixed lol. So that added to the delay in getting on the road. We finally were able to head out about 12:30, with me at the wheel so he could continue to "rest" a while longer lol.

As I said earlier, we are back at my brother in laws until tomorrow morning when we finish the long drive home. I am so glad to know that we will only be making that drive one more time back to Houston for the move. It is LONG!

I did work on a few projects while traveling. I made a scarf that I gave to my sister and two "wraps". They were too short to be a scarf so just sewed the ends together so that it was more like a wrap. These will be for April, of course. She can leave it hanging or wrap it again for a neck wrap.

I also worked on the bath rag some and my double moose. I will get pictures of the double moose soon. I took a lot of projects but mostly just read books instead of knitting lol.

I am sure there are things I am completely forgetting but this is long enough as it is lol.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Rosa Robichaud said...

LOVE the blog!!!!

But, what is a "bath rag"?!??! *grin*

Your (Canuck) friend,


Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Steffini!

I see that you have a bunch of "followers".... You need to blog more, my friend and share pictures of those gorgeous projects, you're doing! *grin*

BTW, you also need to collect your "award", from my blog page. *grin*