Monday, March 5, 2012

Okay... I said I was going to be posting on here now and so I begin....

Catch up... There has been a great upheaval in my life and I am slowly getting through the changes it caused. Some GREAT, some I don't think about if at all possible!

I have decided 2012 will be my year! It has started out with a bang! 

In September of 2010, I became a Scentsy Independent Consultant. I fell in love with this product so much that I decided to sell it. Any one that has talked to me in the last year and a half knows I am always up to talking about Scentsy! I think He place my recruiter in my path when I needed it most!

In early January 2011, I got my first recruit. Again, I think He was there to teach me a lesson with that recruit. I was so excited about her that I was going a bit over board. My cousin, who wanted to be my first recruit, signed up at the end of January. Again, I was ecstatic to share my love of this product! The lesson I learned was that I should not be too excited as my first recruit ended up doing nothing at all. My cousin on the other hand.... GANG BUSTER! LOL! 

I have met some wonderful people through Scentsy and as of last month, February I now have 6 people, including me, on my team. 3 are my direct recruits and my cousin has 2 under her belt. With any luck, she will become a Lead Consulting, like I am, this month. That all happened at the start of 2012. If interested in checking them out, go to:

I also started working at Hobby Lobby in May of 2010. Another God send! I have met some wonderful people there and they have become wonderful friends! They have been there for me in my darkest times and I am forever thankful for their friendship and support. 

My manager has my undying gratitude and loyalty! He hired me in spite of my demanding an interview and then crying in the interview. He then helped my self esteem and confidence even more by moving me from being the Department Head of Cards and Party to a bigger department. I became the Department Head of Fabrics. I know... dangerous! LOL! I have had a great time making the department mine! I am very proud of my department and the ladies that work in it. It, almost, keeps me sane... I have some CRAZY stories about customers that I think anyone in the retail industry can believe!

In January of this year I added to my life, Dove Chocolate Discoveries. I have been a consultant for just over 1 month and already have my first recruit. As I said, 2012 will be my year! If your interested in this product, got to:

I have slowly, but surely, started back into my crafting. It all started with making bows for people at work to wear on our vest. It's sad that my vest is going to start looking like a Bennigan's vest (does that show my age or what) eventually. Now it is expected for me to have a bow or "ribbon" pin for each holiday! LOL. The demand is so much that I am seriously thinking about selling them as well. (Every penny counts!) They are also the reason I am starting this back up. I am now a Pinterest addict and found a lot of the new "bows" I do on there. For those that do not know about Pinterest... go to and sign up... but be warned! It is ADDICTING!!!!! I am happy to say that I have actually made things and not just "pinned" them. I will start posting the things I have made and how to make them soon. (See this is why I decided that I needed to restart my blogging! Lol!)

Okay... enough for now.... I will be back! I promise! And it won't take 2 years!     

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