Friday, March 2, 2012

WOW! Over 2 years since my last post.... So many things have happened since then... life changes that I still don't think I am ready to accept even though I have come to terms with them....

I am planning to restart my blog... still boring but since I have dropped off the face of the earth for the last two years, I figure I could start again. If there are people interested in it ... great .... if not... no problem!

I have become addicted to a dumb site called and it has jump started me to start crafting again. I figured I need to start putting the "instructions" on here for those that would love to do them.

I am also working on a quilt for a close friend from work. She teasingly calls me her "2nd mother" seeing as I am old enough to be her mother! LOL! The quilt is a Harry Potter quilt as she loves HP and even got me to go to the midnight showing of the last movie.

Anyway, I will start getting the post going for all the new things going on in my life now!

Hope you enjoy my return to life!


Rosa Robichaud said...

Steffini .... "I" am interested in reading what's been going on, in your life!!!!

I miss our friendship emails and chats, although i DO understand that life and people move on... I still miss you. :-(

As for whether anyone else reads your blog or not... phooey on them! For me - my blog - is more like a journal that I don't mind sharing with others. If they read it, so be it. If not, well at least I got to write what project I'm working on.... write about my feelings on something... or whatever! *g*

Glad you're planning on blogging again and happy to hear that you're also quilting!!!!


Rosa Robichaud said...

PS - I LOVE Pinterest as well!!!!!


SteffiniD said...

Thanks Rosa! I miss ya too! I think about you a lot but get so busy in my every day that I never go any further than thinking lol.