Thursday, March 8, 2012

Okay... I am doing good.... only 3 days since my last post. LOL! I will definitely be updating alot this weekend with pictures of the things I have been working on. 

This will be a trying weekend as it will be 2 years on Sunday that my world blew apart. So I will be either sleeping or doing every thing I can to NOT think about it.

Any way... on to today's post.... will deal with Sunday when it gets here. 

Right now I am over at my mom's helping her set up brand new netbook. This is her very 1st computer that she is the 1st owner of. Usually, the  computers she gets are hand-me-downs! This is a brand spanking new puter for her!  Needless to say... it has been one of THOSE evenings! She is impatient and demanding! I love her but next time (if I ever do a next time) I will take it home and do it with out her "assistance"! LOL!

Then add to this... we go get mexican food from the restaurant that I love. They have a drive thru. I will NEVER do the drive thru there with her again! She questioned what did the tostadas looked like. Then what was on them! Then after I told them 3 shrimp tacos.... she decided she was taking one! Had to order 3 more so mine were safe! Then she wanted to know if they were the hard ones! She is sooooo white! LOL! 

Anyhoooo.... I will also start updating all my pictures on my photobucket account so that I can get all the pictures of the things I have been doing posted! I have gotten into doing bows for work and have just started doing little animals out of ribbon (gee thanks pinterest!). I have pictures but not on my puters as of right now. That will be one of the things I need to do this weekend. 

Hmmm.... wonder if I should start a list......

Okay... I guess I should end this for now. Gotta drive home, get to bed and plan for "freight" day at work tomorrow. Some times I hate Fridays...... LOL!

'Til my next installment...... (it's time for you to wake up and go do something useful after the small catnap this blog has induced! Lol!)


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