Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a good week! I worked, of course! But I am thankful for having a job! So I am good! LOL! 

 I got 4 goodies in the mail! Yippeeeee! 

I got both of my jar sealers for my FoodSaver. I went ahead and got the standard size sealer and the wide mouth sealer! Could not wait to do my "Salad in a Jar"! Thank you so much Paula for posting this and making it possible to have my "salad bar" in my refrigerator! I so can not wait to see how the last jar looks on Friday!

Now, she suggests Romaine lettuce. I got regular Iceberg out of habit. But it still will work for this week. Payday is Friday and I will get the Romaine and try that one. Any way, 2 regular sized heads make 6 jars! I have lunch for every day this week and 1 to spare, sort of! LOL! I have been informed by my "daughter", Laura, that I will need to bring her a jar on Tuesday. 
I purchased a salad spinner to dry out the washed salad since she suggested that as well. So I had a few new toys to play with today. It took me about 20 minutes, start to finish. (Not counting the washing of the jars and such.) 


Now, If you look closely at the 2 pictures of the "sealing of the jars" you will see something isn't right in one of them.... me and my dorkness! I "think" I do every thing right. Hit the sealer button and wait for it to kick off. Now, mind you, when I do use my sealer I usually can't get it to work because I completely forget to "lock" the unit. It's really sad... It reminds me to do it right there in black and white on the top of the machine. Does that remind me? No... I just get frustrated until it finally clicks! LOL! This time I remembered the minute I plugged it in! Yay me! LOL! So I wait for it to kick off... It does and I pull off the sealer.... AND THE LID!!!! I am thinking "did I do this wrong? Is there something I missed?" I put it back on and doing it again.... same results! 
Now, look closely at the above picture..... then at the next picture. Act like it's one of those "find the difference" pictures... LOL! Do you see it? Yes, that's it... I didn't have the tube plugged it! It's amazing how fast this thing works when it's installed right! Some days I am amazed I know how to walk! LOL! This of course has made me love my FoodSaver all that much more and tell even more people to GET ONE! It's worth it!

Well, I can't just have lettuce so I had to get some extra goodies to toss into the salad!

I am missing cucumber, celery, cheese and tomatoes but that's okay. I will get more goodies this weekend. I am also going to play with making "combo" jars of extras. Hence why I got the regular sealer. I can put the cucumber, celery, carrot sticks and avocado into a small jar and see how it last. If it works well, I will make a set of small jars to go with each of the big ones. I will post the results either way so if that is something someone may want to do, they will know before hand if they should even bother. 

My other 2 goodies were Scentsy goodies!

This was the one that I had ordered and have been patiently waiting on. The Warmer is called Heartfelt. It is the "cause" warmer for this session. I always get the cause warmer (or buddy like last session) because I want to support the cause. This one is in support for the American Heart Association. A portion of each warmer goes to the AHA.

Also pictured are the new products that Scentsy has come out with called Layers. From left to right... Hand cream, body butter, solid perfume, body lotion and body spray. This is just part of the new line. I plan to get the other couple of pieces next week. There is still the shower gel, shower cream, dryer disks and washer whiffs.

The other Scentsy box was my Warmer of the Month (or WOTM). I look forward to these each month as they are always like a little present sent out in the middle of the month. I usually peek ahead on the first to see what it will be because I am impatient! LOL! 

This WOTM is perfect for Mother's day and is perfectly named! It's hard to see that it has a light lavender tint to the warmer but it is very elegant and pretty! So if anyone is looking for a Mother's day present... These can be ordered as of April 1st. 

Wellington is the "WOTM" for this month if you are looking for something whimsical! He is absolutely adorable and has a lot of huggability! Right now he is 10% off so if you would like a new "pet" let me know. 

I have done more over the weekend but will stop for now and post again, probably tomorrow. I actually made a new ribbon goodie and will actually do "instructions" so that I can add it to Pinterest. 

Until next time......

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