Monday, March 12, 2012

*Sigh* So.... I didn't get any thing done I should have this weekend. I pretty much just vegged out instead. Been a while since I didn't have something to do and since it just rained heavily all weekend, I just watched T.V. and slept.

I did get a lot accomplished today at work though. I actually got all my ordering done so I can work on other nitpicking crap the rest of the week. 

I did go by the store and get the fixin's for something from It's "Salad in a Jar". Of course, I get home and realize I don't have the wide mouth jar sealer for my FoodSaver. So I spend 30 minutes on the phone with, shall we say "Wally World", just trying to get an answer on whether they sell it or not. (FYI - NOT!) Then another 20 on the phone with the BEST place to BUY something. They do not carry it in store but offered to order it for me and have it shipped to my place free of charge. So I have it ordered. I also ordered one of the smaller ones from FoodSaver directly. Now I just have to wait to get the dang things. Fingers crossed the lettuce lasts by the time they get here! LOL!

I have always said that if I could have a salad bar in my house, I would be happy! This will be the next best thing. This will help me for the next couple of weeks as I made a commitment for Lent. 

Speaking of Lent... let me tell you... when you make a decision to give something up for Lent.... BE SPECIFIC! I learned quick that making that general statement of giving something up is DANGEROUS! 

I gave up "fast food" for lent. I was not specific. This has come back to haunt me in a big way! LOL! I was thinking ... no Whataburgers (this was NOT easy) or anything from Sonic. Since I am living the single life again, these have been my mainstays. I haven't really wanted to cook as the things that I would normally cook were for more than one and they were his favorites. So, yeah, I don't cook at home. Any way... due to not being specific, I have had some major struggles. LOL!

My co-workers, who are also my wonderful friends, have tried to help me "differentiate" what is considered fast food and what isn't. The general consensus is that if it has a drive thru then it's fast food. But then I question things like... is Subway one? Some have drive thru's but not all of them, so does that mean only some of them are fast food? Then I was told that they do fast sandwiches. Um, helloooo.... aren't all sandwiches fast?  I was told that Firehouse Subs is NOT fast food because they do not have a drive thru and you order and sit down at a table to have it brought to you. See how confusing it can get!

Then I questioned Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yes, they have a drive thru, but it's FRIED CHICKEN! And I usually get the mashed potatoes and cole slaw!  I was then told that it was still fast food because I can get it fast! See what I mean about being specific! And then add to the fact that one of my favorite restaurants lately is Taqueria Cancun which is a sit down restaurant WITH A DRIVE THRU!!!!! I am so confused because I am told it's not fast food! ACK!!!! I am SO rethinking Lent next year!!!!!! LOL!

Well, it is later than I thought (Mondays and Tuesdays are my early days at work) so it's time for me to stop my pondering on what is fast food and what isn't... or was that ranting? LOL!

Until the next installment......   


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